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hp_cm's Journal

Harry Potter/Criminal Minds Crossovers
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Harry Potter/Criminal Minds
This community is about the possibility of a crossover between Criminal Minds and Harry Potter. If you like this crossover - please join!


1) Keep your posts Criminal Minds/Harry Potter related, please. Nothing else is accepted unless its for example a crossover between Criminal Minds, Harry Potter, and CSI: Las Vegas.

2) Remember, LJ-CUT is your friend. Any more than three icons, screenshots, spoilers, fanfiction (even if its a drabble), wallpaper, fanart--cut it please. Check the LJ FAQ if you don't know how to use it.

3) When posting fics please use a header that includes: title, rating, summary, spoilers/warnings (if there is any) and disclaimer.

4) No bashing, especially the characters of the Criminal Minds or Harry Potter, or other members of the community. Its alright in fanfiction as long as you have it as a warning.

5) When putting tags, please check out the TAGS page. If you do create new tags:
-> For relationships, this is the formula: -(harry potter character)/(criminal mind character)
-> For CM characters, you use their LAST name, such as Reid for Spencer... except for Jennifer, which you use JJ.
-> For HP characters you use their FIRST name, except with Dumbledore, Hagrid, Voldemort, Wormtail and Moody.
[Don't insert the these: (...), thanks!]

6) If you feel the need to introduce yourself, please do so when you are adding a fanwork or discussion, thank you.

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